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Norton 7500 Surface Door Closer
REF: 7500-GS

Price From: $350.99

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Price From: $350.99



The Norton 7500 Surface Door Closer is a robust multi sized surface door closer designed to deliver superior performance and long term reliability. Ideal for interior and exterior doors in facilities that demand reliability such as government, healthcare and educational institutions. It is Tri-Style, meaning it supplied with screws, a bracket and a soffit plate to allow for regular, top jamb and parallel installation.This door closer allows for adjustment of door speed from the door's full open position to down to approximately 10 degrees from the closed position. The Norton 7500 door closer is supplied with a molded plastic cover and it is certified for inswing and outswing single and double door assemblies to ICC storm shelters.


Name Norton 7500 Surface Door Closer
SKU 7500-GS
Brand Norton
Handing Reversible
Closer Type Overhead
Closer Features Adjustable Speed, Backcheck
Closer Standards ANSI (Grade 1), Fire Tested
Closer Strength 1 to 6

7500-689 $476.35  (626 In stock)

Norton 7500 Surface Door Closer AL

Aluminum- 13 LB

7500-690 $350.99  (108 In stock)

Norton 7500 Surface Door Closer DB

Dark Bronze- 13 LB