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Dorma 1816 Swing Free Fire Door Closer
REF: 1816-SFJ

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Price From: $679.00



The 1800 Series is an electromagnetically controlled door closer for use on fire and/or smoke barrier doors. The Swing Free (SF) function is designed for buildings where it is desirable to have fire/smoke doors operating as if there were no closing device fitted under normal circumstances, but must be self-closing under alarm or loss of current.

The 1816 door closer has been developed to inexpensively guard a single door opening from smoke and fire, in place of an array of expensive products. In addition, it will allow unimpeded, easy access throughout a building while not affecting its integrity to control the spread of smoke and/or fire. In emergencies, the holder will release and the closer will take over to close the door. Fire-rated doors must be self-closing and self-latching to meet code. A Holder Release unit allows the door to remain open but still meet fire code.

  • 24V DC / AC or 120V AC.
  • Top Jamb mount on Push side of door (standard closer arm supplied).
  • Interfaces with new or existing smoke/fire control systems.
  • Supplied WITHOUT integral smoke detector.
  • Product is HANDED.


Name Dorma 1816 Swing Free Fire Door Closer
SKU 1816-SFJ
Brand Dorma
Size 22.75" x 3.5"
Finish Aluminum
Closer Type Overhead
Closer Features Adjustable Speed, Backcheck, Swing Free
Closer Standards ANSI (Grade 1)
Closer Strength 1 to 6

1816-SFJ-689-LH $679.00  (0 In stock)

Dorma 1816 Swing Free Top Jamb Closer Alum LH

Left Hand- 10 LB

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Dorma 1816 Swing Free Top Jamb Closer Alum RH

Right Hand- 10 LB